Friday, December 2, 2011

Coca-Cola Globalization map

Maksim M.
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  1. GEOG123 map.
    This map shows first countries that the company expanded to, as well as different world regions where it operates(bottling/selling).
    Colored world regions represent 2010 worldwide unit case volume(25.5billion unit cases). Click on each region to see percentage. Eurasia and Africa - 16%.
    Click on lines for description.
    This data was taken from TCCC Annual Review 2010, The Coca-Cola Company.

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  3. Sam Landsman

    Nice job. You system of coloration and clicking is innovative and interesting. Can't say I am too surprised to most roads leading to the USA.

  4. Kohl Schoening

    Interesting map. I wonder which countries Coca Cola is not in?

  5. Joe Gallagher

    Good looking map contrasting colors make it easier to understand.

  6. I like that you integrated data and regions into your map. Looks good!

    -Steve DeWalt

  7. I enjoyed that you denoted specific colors to each region, it made it easy to follow your map to see exactly where Coca Cola operates.

    -Anmol Bajwa